Tamar Ish Cassit is the founder of the companies Cassit Studio and Cassit Orthopedics.

Cassit Studio is unique of its kind in Israel, receiving specific requests from people with disabilities, which are accompanied with a great team of professionals. The customers eventually return performing the activities they love to do, such as cooking, playing an instrument, taking a picture (bottom picture), eating independently and taking care of themselves.


Cassit Orthopedics is a company that manufactures medical products in mass production. Those wrist splints for people with disabilities in developing countries (top picture), are essential products which preserve motoric abilities, as well as bring the hand to a condition that allows functioning.

Cassit Orthopedics and Cassit studio are social businesses that provide innovative products and comprehensive solutions of high quality and affordable prices.

Tamar is an industrial designer, a military medic, entrepreneur and teaches product design for people with disabilities at HIT.
In recent years, Tamar has initiated a team to Kimberly-Clark accelerator for product development for the elderly. The team won first place and visited the company's development center in Korea.
Tamar was the teams director and head designer the world's first marathon for people with disabilities, TOM. This marathon included 13 teams of professionals from 9 different countries and people with disabilities, who joined to design and manufacture products that will answer specific problems, just as it done in Cassit Studio within the last 6 years.

Tamar implements the sentence : "Doing good while doing well". Her approach to designing products for people with disabilities is both practical and social: a joyful combination between smart design of high quality products and low production costs, with an impact on the world's largest population, which is at the base of the pyramid.
Improving the quality of life to the poor, and access to the joy of life - is her life mission.

She writes this blog to provide personalized and honest glimpse into her work process and her development as a designer who aspires for inclusion and as a person who wants to do good.